Inside track on who to turn to, and to short cut how long it takes to get a real idea on what your car is worth. Its always tricky knowing who to trust and where to get advice when looking to sell your car.

Often the value we put as an owner on a car is nowhere near its trade value and that’s because we look at retail prices from www.autotrader.co.uk or www.pistonheads.co.uk or similar retail site. Our advice is by all means start at that point and then work backwards, remember the buyer will have to stock the car, repair and prepare, warranty and market the vehicle and that all costs with VAT plus sales team  commission and valeting for the days on the forecourt, in general allow for £1500 behind the retail price to get your head around broad numbers. Dealers can manage any over allowance against the value of a car but in reality you will lose this cash in depreciation of your new car immediately, if there is cash to over allow you are paying too much for your new car.

If you can’t be bothered to do the research use the web sites and get a trade value, we buy any car has transformed what the dealer will do when you turn up with your part exchange, they’ll WEBAC the car as a start point, so be warned align any value thinking at this start point, it doesn’t mean you wont get more but a touch of realism will be extracted from the figure supplied by WEBAC.

Getting the research done makes sense as an accurate description can add thousands to a car, getting it wrong can cost thousands. So get all your evidence in one place. it could be worth thousands, especially with high specification German brands.

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